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Korea-U.S. Industrial Cooperation Association

The U.S. and Korea Industry-Technology Cooperation


KUICA provides a annual meeting, forums for industry and government leaders to connect, share best practices, policy updates, success stories and lessons learned for creating and implementing Industrial Cooperation & Partnership programs that deliver sustainable economic and social benefits to both Korea and the U.S.

Global Supply Chain Benchmarks

About the 2023 Annual Meeting

We are excited for KUICA's 2023 Annual Meeting, providing the opportunity to meet, network, and generate connections with both U.S. and Korea's industry leaders & government representatives.

The KUICA 2023 Annual Meeting offers a mix of educational programs featuring leaders in the high-tech industry, committee meetings, networking opportunities, sponsors, exhibitors, and more. This must-attend event brings together industry leaders & government representatives from the U.S. and Korea to discuss strategies, trends, and best practices. More than 12 education sessions will be offered on semiconductors, batteries, AI, 5G(6G), data, quantum technology, health, biotechnology, renewable energy, aerospace, defense and autonomous robotics. We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC in May 2023.